New look light jar review

Hi guys,

On this blog I am going to be reviewing the new look light jar. I am not sure if they are still in stock but they do different styles in other shops. I have seen them in Urban Outfitters before.

I love this light jar so much. It goes perfect next to fairy lights in my room. It makes the room really cosy. As you have probably noticed it is in the background of almost all of my instagram pictures!

When I don’t have the lights on it still looks really pretty. You might be wondering, how do you turn it on? Well, all you need to do is unscrew the lid and turn the switch to on. I have found that when you turn it on it moves. A bit of blue tack stopped it moving and you would never know it was there as the lid is always on apart from when you are turning it on.

If you want something cosy in your room I definitely recommend getting one. They range between £10-£20.

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