Zoella beauty gingerbread scent product reviews

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On this blog I am going to be reviewing the Zoella beauty gingerbread scent products I have. If you were to ask me what my favourite product was, I definitely would not be able to pick! I would be able to tell you what products stand out from the rest though. For me, the ones that stand out are the hungry hands hand cream, ginger shower glaze, gingerbread snap fizz relax bath fizzers and the pamper hamper.

Gingerbread bath salts:

I haven’t used this yet but I can’t wait to! The packaging is so cute and they smell amazing!

Ginger cream body lotion:

This smells amazing! It makes my skin so smooth and I love using it after a bath! The packaging is simple but effective.

Ginger shower glaze:

I love this shower glaze because it smells great and makes you smell of ginger all day whereas some shower gels the smell go’s after a few hours. It also makes me feel really fresh.

Gingerbread snap fizz relax bath fizzers:

I absolutely love these bath fizzers! They are shaped as gingerbread men and there are three in there. You get a lot for you money as there is a slit line so you can use one twice, So you get six!

Hungry hands hand cream:

This is my favourite hand cream ever! I love it so much! It makes my hands feel smooth and fresh but best of all it smells like gingerbread!

Gingerbread bath fizzer:

I haven’t used this yet but I am guessing it is going to be like the gingerbread shaped ones.

Pamper hamper:

The pamper hamper comes in a really good quality picnic basket. Inside it has pink paper strips but best of all a make up case, hungry hands hand cream, shower glaze, ginger cream, bath fizzers, bath salts and a puff sponge.

Spa in a jar:

I got the spa in the jar when the range first came out. The flannel is really soft but easy to stain so not the best flannel; still good though. I have finished the mini shower glaze but still have some body lotion left. I am now using the jar for a happy jar. If you haven’t already, go check out my blog on the happy jar!

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