Zoella on my travels bag review

Hi guys,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted on here for ages. It is my New Years resolution to do my pictures on my instagram and do blogs more often. Hopefully I will keep to this. 

I love the zoella on my travels bag because it is comfy and the perfect size for me. It is a really nice shade of light grey and it has a small Z at the bottom of the bag.

The travel mug is really cute and it doesn’t slip out of your hands; it doesn’t get that hot either. I love the rose gold writing on it saying “topped with cream and sprinkles.”

The key ring is a lovely rose gold and pastel pink colour. It also has a small Z charm on it.

The pencils are pretty as they are all different shades and all have different words that you would sign a letter of with. You get yours truly, best wishes, yours faithfully, love from and hugs & kisses.

I think the zoella on my travel bag is worth the money. I haven’t tried the pencils yet but I’m sure they will be great.

Thank you for reading,

Blissful Blogger X

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