My friends first Vlog!

Hi guys,

Go check out my friends first youtube video! Her channels name is Lucy Lu and the video is called how to do an easy fishtail braid!

It would mean so much to her if you check it out. Her instagram account is @x_lucy_lu_xx and the link the her first video is 

Also, go check out @pretty_x_paradise on instagram!

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New look light jar review

Hi guys,

On this blog I am going to be reviewing the new look light jar. I am not sure if they are still in stock but they do different styles in other shops. I have seen them in Urban Outfitters before.

I love this light jar so much. It goes perfect next to fairy lights in my room. It makes the room really cosy. As you have probably noticed it is in the background of almost all of my instagram pictures!

When I don’t have the lights on it still looks really pretty. You might be wondering, how do you turn it on? Well, all you need to do is unscrew the lid and turn the switch to on. I have found that when you turn it on it moves. A bit of blue tack stopped it moving and you would never know it was there as the lid is always on apart from when you are turning it on.

If you want something cosy in your room I definitely recommend getting one. They range between £10-£20.

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Have you kept your New Year resolutions?

Hi guys,

I was just wondering, have you kept your New Year resolutions? I have kept one of my New Year resolutions, sort of kept another but the other two I gave up after the second day!

My New Year resolutions were:

  1. Be more active.
  2. Be healthier.
  3. Do more blogs.
  4. Get up earlier so I can do more in the day.

I guess it is good that have have kept one. Its better than none! The one I have managed to keep is to do more blogs. One thing I never expected to happen was to get over 40 views in 24 hours. For some you that probably sounds really stupid but to me thats a lot. Its even more unbelievable that I have over 810 followers on my instagram! This is why I have decided to start a youtube channel.

You might have clicked on the link to my youtube on my home page and seen that there is nothing there, don’t worry I have my first video ready and edited. It will go up soon!

I just wanted to take this chance to say thank you for viewing my blog, thank you for following me on instagram and thank you for all the kind direct messages on instagram. It really means a lot to me.

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Zoella beauty gingerbread scent product reviews

Hi guys,

On this blog I am going to be reviewing the Zoella beauty gingerbread scent products I have. If you were to ask me what my favourite product was, I definitely would not be able to pick! I would be able to tell you what products stand out from the rest though. For me, the ones that stand out are the hungry hands hand cream, ginger shower glaze, gingerbread snap fizz relax bath fizzers and the pamper hamper.

Gingerbread bath salts:

I haven’t used this yet but I can’t wait to! The packaging is so cute and they smell amazing!

Ginger cream body lotion:

This smells amazing! It makes my skin so smooth and I love using it after a bath! The packaging is simple but effective.

Ginger shower glaze:

I love this shower glaze because it smells great and makes you smell of ginger all day whereas some shower gels the smell go’s after a few hours. It also makes me feel really fresh.

Gingerbread snap fizz relax bath fizzers:

I absolutely love these bath fizzers! They are shaped as gingerbread men and there are three in there. You get a lot for you money as there is a slit line so you can use one twice, So you get six!

Hungry hands hand cream:

This is my favourite hand cream ever! I love it so much! It makes my hands feel smooth and fresh but best of all it smells like gingerbread!

Gingerbread bath fizzer:

I haven’t used this yet but I am guessing it is going to be like the gingerbread shaped ones.

Pamper hamper:

The pamper hamper comes in a really good quality picnic basket. Inside it has pink paper strips but best of all a make up case, hungry hands hand cream, shower glaze, ginger cream, bath fizzers, bath salts and a puff sponge.

Spa in a jar:

I got the spa in the jar when the range first came out. The flannel is really soft but easy to stain so not the best flannel; still good though. I have finished the mini shower glaze but still have some body lotion left. I am now using the jar for a happy jar. If you haven’t already, go check out my blog on the happy jar!

Thank you for reading,

Blissful Blogger X


Happy jar

Hi guys,

You are probably wondering, what is a happy jar? Well, a happy jar is a jar that you fill up with good memories.

Once a week, you write something good that happened that week for a year. Then on the 31st of December you read them all. It helps you look back on the good things in the year rather than the bad.

I think this a good idea to do as you can keep them forever and whenever you are having a bad day you can read through them and remember the good times.

It only takes a minute out of your week to do and it will fill you up with happiness when you read them.

Thank you for reading,

Blissful Blogger X

Zoella on my travels bag review

Hi guys,

I’m sorry I haven’t posted on here for ages. It is my New Years resolution to do my pictures on my instagram and do blogs more often. Hopefully I will keep to this. 

I love the zoella on my travels bag because it is comfy and the perfect size for me. It is a really nice shade of light grey and it has a small Z at the bottom of the bag.

The travel mug is really cute and it doesn’t slip out of your hands; it doesn’t get that hot either. I love the rose gold writing on it saying “topped with cream and sprinkles.”

The key ring is a lovely rose gold and pastel pink colour. It also has a small Z charm on it.

The pencils are pretty as they are all different shades and all have different words that you would sign a letter of with. You get yours truly, best wishes, yours faithfully, love from and hugs & kisses.

I think the zoella on my travel bag is worth the money. I haven’t tried the pencils yet but I’m sure they will be great.

Thank you for reading,

Blissful Blogger X